XMF Хуур Music Festival

The Хуур Music Festival (XMF) was first organized successfully in 2017. It was the first largest music festival, which could gather together over 30.000 young people.
The Хуур Music Festival (XMF) aims to take place every year in different atmosphere, introduce the standards of international music festival to Mongolia, join together thousands of youth under one music, challenge positive messages and good deeds to the community, attract Asian tourists to Mongolia and become the world class music festival.

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VOICE of Mongolia

The world stage to select the best national singer among the competition of “Only the Best” combining the "Talent, Quality and Skills”! A dream comes true! In first round of the show the judges hear only the participant’s voice but don’t see the participant’s age, gender and appearance. This is the most transparent and fair selection evaluated by talents, skills and feelings. Therefore, the first round is called the “Blind Audition”.

During the first round the judges listen to the participant’s voice, push their buzzers and turn their seats towards the participant. This means the participant is selected. The participant chooses which judge team he/she would join.
Voice show is not only competition among the participants, but it is also a competition among the judges. Which judge’s team will have the winner? This is another interesting competition. In other words, this show gives chances to many people to realize their dreams as well the judges can self-evaluate themselves as the best producer. Our professional team supplies all the stage equipment and cooperates with the program.

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Mongolia's Got Talent

Since the Mongol TV started broadcasting the Mongolia’s Got Talent show, it could become the national pride and the program always leads the TV ratings. It attracts all Mongolian audience and could become one of the best television contents. The Mongolia’s Got talent is the most democratic show program as it gives opportunities to every Mongolian from every part of Mongolia to participate in this show. The most unique of this show is that it can gather all different types of talents on a single stage.

The participants can compete by songs, dances, music, comedies, poems and so on. The participants can be professionals or not professionals, old or young, men or women, which is the greatest advantage of this show program over other similar programs. Also, it is the show program with the highest award or 100 million tugrugs of all television shows. Our professional team supplies all the stage equipment and cooperates with the program.

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Gatsuurkhan NYP

It is the most glorious, special and awaiting event among all the new year parties and events organized in Ulaanbaatar city on New year's day every year. The Gatsuurkhan new year event is organized regularly every year and it is a very special and unique event when the best celebrities of the year come together and spend a wonderful evening with us.

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